Church Planting Enrichment Retreats

The church plant enrichment retreat is to help encourage, enrich, and equip church planters and their wives who are on the front lines. It is designed to aid and strengthen during the early years of church planting and to help overcome some of the unique challenges only church planters can relate to.

We will have spilt sessions for you and your wife.
What are people saying about this?

“This will be great! A meeting exclusively to address the demands of church planting”

“Finally a time where church planter wives can fellowship and discuss the challenges of church planting!”

“What an excellent way to network with other Independent Baptist church planters”


Price includes meals and all conference materials.



Upcoming Retreat Dates

November 6, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
Beacon Baptist Church
4126 N 23rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015
We will start at 10AM and end with a steak dinner @ 5PM
Phoenix Retreat Sign-up