Pastor Kurt Skelly and
Pastor Nathan Snode 
at Lifeway Baptist Church 
Cranberry Township, PA

Pastor Troy Kline
Bible Truth Baptist Church
Athens, OH

Pastor Dan Vaughn
Hope’s Point Baptist Church
Weston, WV 
Testimony #1
Pastor Matt Perrine
South Branch Baptist Church
Petersburg, WV

Testimony #2
Pastor Matt Perrine
South Branch Baptist Church
Petersburg, WV 

“I Corinthians 14:4 says, “…he that prophesieth edifieth the church.” The work of BCPM is truly the edification of the church in conception and infancy. In the beginning and building up of North County Baptist Church, God sent the wisdom, care, and friendship of BCPM.”
Pastor Mike Sullivan, North Country Baptist Church, Millersburg, Michigan


“BCPM really helped us get started. We had a tremendous push to get us going with the J&R freely printed, shipped, and distributed! One year after our beginning, we still have some new people coming to church as a result of the J&R that were distributed back then.”
Pasteur Guillaume Roy, Eglise Baptiste de St-Augustin, St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC


“BCPM is the ministry we use for all of our church plants; it is also the most productive ministry that our church invests in. Seed Bank funds help prepare the ground for the church plant. Without the resources made available through this fund, these churches would not get off to such a healthy start.”
Dr. Leroy A. Pennell, Heritage Baptist Church, Barrie, Ontario


“I heartily recommend BCPM to those about to start a new church. Their approach is biblical and effective, they work under your home pastor, and their experience with nearly 100 churches is invaluable for the new church. our ministry is still reaping the benefits of using BCPM!”
Charles Hollingsworth, Lakeside Baptist Church, Cold Lake, AB


BCPM helped in the planting of Hinton Baptist Church in the following two ways: 1) Providing a time line of when things should be accomplished and in order (much easier to keep on track, working from a schedule). 2) Most importantly, working with and through pastors/churches of like faith in the area of the new church plant. I believe there was a great impact made in the hearts and minds of the town folk that attended the evening services and saw that there were other pastors and churches that were standing and will stand behind the new Baptist church in town. The Davis family and those of Hinton Baptist Church are very grateful for the help and encouragement from Dr. Jessup and the staff of BCPM!
Pastor Shane Davis, Hinton Baptist Church, Hinton, AB Canada


As a former pastor in the U.P. of Michigan, we had already been support- ing BCPM and Bro. Mike Foster, but we did not really understand all that they did with their involvement in a church plant. We are in the process of starting a new church in lower Michigan on November 1, 2009, and we are working with BCPM to do so. We could not be more pleased with all they do! The cooperation has been excellent and the help more than expected! Now I do understand what BCPM is all about, and I am very thankful for this ministry! There are far too few IFB churches in local towns, cities, and communities here in America; the need is immense. This is a great way to establish new churches!
Pastor Silas Doctor, Jordan Valley Baptist Church, East Jordan, Michigan