Thank you for inquiring about Baptist Church Planting Ministry. We believe the Bible teaches that churches reproduce churches and we have helped reproduce on an average of seven new churches each year sense the ministry began in 1993. These new churches give over four million dollars to missions annually. So that we are not a financial burden, we pay for all of our expenses during the process of the church plant and also provide numerous resources at no cost. We work under the authority of the reproducing pastor and realize that the pastor has the final say in every matter of the church plant. Listed below are the benefits of using BCPM to help reproduce churches.


1. Provide detailed resources to help throughout the entire church planting process.
  • A resource portal full of examples and insights pertinent to the church plant including signs, brochures, tracts, flyers, and advertising material.
  • A timeline showing all important steps of the church plant. This helps make sure everything is done on time.
  • A checklist to guide through the entire church plant. This exhaustive list covers everything from advertising to needed supplies and will also include a “last minute checklist” for the opening meetings.
  • Budget templates that cover the start-up and long-term financial goals.
  • “Hands-on” help throughout the church plant.
    • Meet with the reproducing pastor and church to explain how we can help.
    • Visit the targeted area and help find potential meeting places for the new church. We will help negotiate prices and give experienced insight on the best options.
    • Hold a pastor’s luncheon to explain how other Independent Baptist Churches can help with the new church.
    • Organize special days of evangelizing the new area so that every household has received the gospel and a John and Roman booklet along with an invitation to the new church.
      • Encourage the pastors to sign up to help with the special Get Acquainted Meetings. Churches can help each night in areas such as ushering, nursery, and refreshments.
      • Inform the pastors of the budgetary start-up costs so that they can pray about helping in this area.
2. Provide personalized John and Roman booklets for every household in the area of the church plant.
These are printed with the new church information on the cover and are at no cost to the new church.


3. Host and administer the Get Acquainted Meetings.
These are special meetings held each night the week before the first Sunday. These meetings are designed to help give credibility to the new pastor and church as well as show the community what kind of church is starting.
4. Provide personal assistance throughout the process to help with any questions and concerns.
We can also provide information on ministries who can help you with legal needs, building needs, and grants for furniture and construction.


5. Provide much prayer for the new church. Hundreds of people who follow BCPM will be praying for the new church.
Prayer is a key to a successful start.


6. Provide post-plant assistance so that the new church can continue to grow and thrive. BCPM is not just concerned with the delivery but also the on-going development of the baby church.
  •  Provide guidance through the early years and give assistance when dealing with opportunities, obstacles, and difficulties
  •  Access to BCPMsource, a portal to helpful articles, videos, and insights that will aid in the continued growth
  • Annual retreats that will allow the church planter and his wife to relax, strengthen, and sharpen
  • Insight and guidance when dealing with property, building, and construction
  • Constant prayer for the protection and provision of the new church and pastor


Once we partner in assisting a church plant, we will do everything possible to help with its birth and success. If you would like our help in reproducing a new Independent Baptist Church, simply follow these steps:

  • Look over our website, read our material, and become familiar with our ministry.
  • Read our Statement of Faith and Standards thoroughly. We only help independent Baptist Churches that are in line with our doctrinal beliefs.
  • Fill out and send in the Questionnaire. The link is provided below. Please answer each question completely so that we can better get to know you.


Once the questionnaire is accepted, BCPM will schedule an appointment to come to the reproducing church to meet personally with the pastors and go over in detail how we can help. We want to see the world reached through church planting and pray that we may be able to assist you.


If you need more information, please contact us.