Thank you for your inquiry about Baptist Church Planting Ministry. We believe churches reproduce churches and we have helped reproduce on average 7 new churches each year. These churches today are giving over four million dollars to missions every year. We believe the great commission is church planting and through church planting the world can be reached. We believe the great commission is church planting and through church planting the world can be reached. Although BCPM is not a mission board and cannot offer financial support, we do pay for all of our own expenses during the process of the church plant and provide numerous resources at no cost to the church. This way we are not a financial burden to the church. We also work under the reproducing pastor and realize that the pastor has the final say in every matter of the church plant. Here is a list of ways we can effectively help reproduce churches:
  1. Provide a detailed advanced packet explaining the process of the church plant. This packet includes:
    1. A resource CD with all information and forms needed. This CD includes examples of signs, brochures, tracts, flyers,            posters, and advertising material.
    2. A timeline showing all important steps of the church plant. This helps make sure everything is done on time.
    3. A checklist to guide through the entire church plant. This lists everything from advertising to needed supplies such as      hymn books and visitor cards. This also includes a “last minute checklist” for the opening meetings.
    4.  A sample budget that covers the expenses of the church plant.
    5. Other vital information needed to effectively start.
    6. Provide “on hands” help throughout the church plant. We will:
      1. Meet with the reproducing pastor and explain how we can help.
      2. Visit the area and help find the meeting place for the new church. We will also meet with the local newspaper and    advertising organizations to find the best and most cost efficient means of advertising.
      3. Hold a pastor’s luncheon to explain how other Independent Baptist Churches can help with the new church. This        will include:
        1. Organizing special days of evangelizing the new area so that every household has received a John and              Romans booklet and invitation to the new church.
        2. Allowing for pastors to sign up to help with the special Get Acquainted Meetings. Churches can help each          night in areas such as ushering, nursery, and refreshments.
  2. Help administer the Get Acquainted Meetings. These are special meetings held each night the week before the first Sunday.    These meetings are designed to help give credibility to the new pastor and church as well as show the community what kind    of church is being started.
  3. Provide personalized John and Roman booklets for every household in the area of the church plant. These are printed with      the new church information on the cover. These are at no cost to the new church.
  4. Provide assistance. We will be available to help with questions and concerns throughout the church-planting process. We        can also provide information on ministries who can help you with legal needs, building needs, and grants for furniture and        construction. We will also offer “The Next Step” which is a guide to help lead the church through the early years.
  5. Provide much prayer for the new church. Hundreds of people are contacted by email or by viewing our website regarding        the new church and will be praying for the start. Pictures of the special meetings are posted on our website daily so that          people can see the progress and better pray. Much prayer is a key to a successful start.


We at BCPM believe that with over half of all church plants dying before they are two years old, more prayer and planning need to be given. Once we get behind a church plant we will do everything possible to help the birth be a healthy successful one. If you would like our help in reproducing a new Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, simply follow these steps:

1) Look over our website, read our material, and become familiar with our ministry.

2) Read our Statement of Faith and Standards thoroughly. We only help independent baptist churches that are in line with our               doctrinal beliefs.

3) Fill out and send in the Questionnaire. The link is provided below. Please answer each question completely so that we can better     get to know you.

Once the questionnaire is accepted, BCPM will schedule an appointment to come to the reproducing church to meet personally with the pastors and go over in detail how we can help. We want to see the world reached through church planting and pray that we may be able to help you.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to get a good understanding of church ministries before partnering together to establish a new church. BCPM is committed to establishing independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist churches. Information is used solely for the purpose of church planting. If you have an interest in church planting, please fill this form out.
If you need more information please contact us.